Natural solution for Alzheimer’s Disease

Micoil: Natural product based on green olive oil with strong action and value with evidence from the world’s first clinical laboratory trial in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease

As part of the OLYMPIA Health & Nutrition Awards 2022 event which took place on May 15, 2022 at the Old Parliament building in the city of Athens, all the newest developments for health through Nutrition were presented. Many distinguished speakers from Greek and International university institutions and research centers participated, such as A.P.Th., E.K.P.A., Harokopion University, the Hellenic Pasteur Institute, the American Universities of Harvard and California and researchers of the cardiology clinic of the Kalamata Hospital.

As the first speaker, professor Mrs. Magda Tsolaki (President of the “Panhellenic Federation of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders”, Coordinator of the Laboratory of Neurodegenerative Diseases and former director of the 1st Neurological Clinic of the Medical Department of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Aristotelio University of Thessaloniki.), had the opportunity to present the latest scientific information on substances directly provided by Nature and which can help through a balanced diet, as an effective and economical solution in dealing with the progression of Mild Mental Disorder, which is usually a precursor to the Disease Alzheimer’s.

Ms. Tsolaki, as the scientific manager, presented the results for the brain function of the first worldwide Clinical Laboratory test called Micoil. The eight works carried out to date under the scientific auspices and support of the Hellenic Society of Alzheimer and Related Disorders – Alzheimer Hellas, in collaboration with Aristotle and Kapodistrian University, the Global Olive Center for Health and the Yanni’s Olive Grove company of the Prodromos family from Halkidiki, are already published in prestigious international medical journals. All the papers received excellent comments from the global scientific community and one was even awarded an innovation award at the 5th Medical Olympiad of 2019.

Micoil operations are now a proven pioneer for our country in the field of health protective characteristics of agro-food and more specifically in completely natural products based on the excellent quality oil from unripe green Halkidiki olives. The results of the work provide irrefutable evidence for the improvement of the psychometric data and the biochemical indicators of the blood of the patients with Alzheimer’s disease, as well as their electroencephalograms. The most important thing is that this oil has proven that it can reduce oxidative stress, has an anti-coagulant effect that protects against heart attacks or strokes, reduces brain inflammation indicators and finally that it improves indicators that, through enzymatic action, decrease and destroy DNA.

During the event, the producer company Yanni’s Olive Grove, presented its new brand name called PROPHARCO, with which they will sell in the Greek and international market exclusively through pharmacies, completely natural biofunctional foods based mainly on the above oil and which through the Micoil study they have proven value for good brain function. Simply put, the Micoil range of products is a proven natural value.

The event was also honored with their presence, the President of the Board of Directors. Mrs. Yannitsis, the Managing Director Mrs. Papatolia and the Deputy General Manager Mr. Hatzigalanis of the pharmacy network company Advance Pharmacies and the signing of a cooperation agreement between the producer company Yanni’s Olive Grove and the aforementioned pharmacy network company was announced, for the distribution to pharmacies of the new product of the above category also called Micoil.

Micoil’s purpose is to be placed as soon as possible in all pharmacies of the country next to every person who needs this gift of nature for mental empowerment.


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