What is olive oil?

The so-called olive oil is the juice of the olive fruits, and it is produced directly from olives and only by mechanical methods. It is classified according to its content of free fatty acids and with some special quality characteristics.
According to the law, its categories are
a) Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) this category includes Early Harvest or Fresh EVOO, b) Virgin Olive Oil, c) Olive Oil, d) Refined Olive Oil, e) Lampante Olive Oil, f) Pomace olive oil. So Olive Oli is really a product that holds the 3rd place in the quality ranking.

What is early harvest EVOO?

It is the crown of the extra virgin olive oil. It is considered expensive due to its low concentration in unripe olives with its limited quantities.

Why is early harvest EVOO green, fruity with a bitter and spicy taste?

It is green due to its high concentration of chlorophyll, because the olive fruit is unripe during its production. The fruity aroma is a key feature of EVOO. Its taste is related to its phenolic content, which have health-protective characteristics. The bitter taste is due to the oleacein and the spicy to the oleocanthal.

Is MICOIL an olive oil?

MICOIL is a very high quality early harvest EVOO, and it is the only one applied on patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment in the world.

Is MICOIL a food supplement?

It is a product that comes directly from nature without any mixtures, while food supplements are chemical preparations and may or may not contain some natural substances.

Is MICOIL getting you fat?

According to the clinical study MICOIL and on a balanced Mediterranean diet basis, the recommended daily dose of 15 ml three time per day, did not proved significant results in weight gain.

Does MICOIL have side effects?

As a natural product it has no recorded side effects, but it is advisable to consult your doctor before consuming it.

Consumption above the recommended daily dose?

There is no recorded effect in the international literature if a large amount of product is consumed, except perhaps for the possibility of weight gain.

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